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As many people may already know, we choose a charity to support each month. This month we chose to #MakeMayPurple with Stroke Association, in the name of raising awareness using our favourite colour! Not only that but we ran a full fundraiser day to raise money and fly our purple flag high! This included our raffle, ‘Pub Quiz’ and more.   How Did SHENCOH Get Involved? We’ve been having a great time raising money and
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Every May in the UK is stroke awareness month and this year the Stroke Association have a nationwide mission to #MakeMayPurple, in honour of those who have suffered from a Stroke in the past. Not only does the colour purple and the month of tribute to this cause raise huge awareness for the charity but all donations; but the money raised goes towards aftercare plans for those who have suffered a stroke and much needed
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Whether you’re running a startup or you’ve been in the game for years, new business tips pop up year on year. We’ve hand-picked 5 of the best trends for business, that you should be working on in 2018. 1 – User Experience   New services are clever in 2018; they know that what really sells is to give your user an unforgettable experience. Think of the Anne Frank Museum, for example, people are going there to
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Since the start of the year, Shencoh expanded its team with new R&D Tax Consultants, Chartered Accountants and Case Managers. However, we promote progression within the company, promoting one of our R&D Tax Consultants to Head of Business Development. Andrew Carson is our new Head of Business Development, after excelling in identifying qualifiable R&D and helping companies claim R&D Tax Credits the company decided to promote him to use his skills to help not only
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A common question from clients is if they can claim Research & Development (R&D) tax relief for travel costs they have incurred in relation to an R&D project. The answer to is Yes, only if these funds are expenses paid for by an individual then repaid by the company. However, if the company pays for these costs directly, then, unfortunately, the HMRC do not allow for this to be a claimable R&D expenditure. Therefore, if
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