Since the start of the year, Shencoh expanded its team with new R&D Tax Consultants, Chartered Accountants and Case Managers. However, we promote progression within the company, promoting one of our R&D Tax Consultants to Head of Business Development.

Andrew Carson is our new Head of Business Development, after excelling in identifying qualifiable R&D and helping companies claim R&D Tax Credits the company decided to promote him to use his skills to help not only new clients but companies referred from clients we have helped claim R&D Tax Credits. With his vast knowledge of R&D Tax, he is the perfect liaison between ShenCoh and a company, being able to identify if they are eligible to claim based on a quick assessment. Andrew also works closely with accountants to help qualify their clients and to ensure they receive their whole entitled benefit from HMRC.

When he is not aiding companies with R&D claims he is a screenplay and movie writer. He is on track to have movies he wrote produced.

Contact Andrew Carson for a free consultation today!

Andrew is eager to help companies claim R&D Tax Credits. If you would like to have a chat with him to see if you qualify you can contact him on 0161 743 3574 or on email You can also request a call back by completing the form here and he will call you back.

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