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We have worked with clients in various fields, check out our client's testimonials and see how their experience with our R&D Tax Credits service was.


The Cake Store Ltd

When I was first contacted by ShenCoh, I must admit I was very dismissive and disbelieving, and treated them as I would an unwanted PPI or Energy Savings call. Fortunately, I was persuaded to listen and give five minutes of my time. I began to realise, Michael my case manager, had far more knowledge and understanding of accounting and the R&D claim procedure that a regular cold caller. He went on to explain in simple terms that most companies un-be knowingly spend vast amounts of money on researching and developing their business ideas and products and the Government offer tax rebates on money spent. It’s in the best interests of our government to encourage businesses to develop a leading edge in the World.

Although we identified our businesses history of R&D projects, the process of presenting this information to HMRC is complex and skillful and was done so swiftly and efficiently by ShenCoh. They offer a no claim no fee policy and you really get the feeling that they have worked hard for their final commission at completion. ShenCoh are a professional team of skilled accountants and gave us an all-round rewarding experience. I would highly recommend ShenCoh to any business.

Tim Slatter



Standbrook Guides Ltd

ShenCoh approached us about any R&D tax we could be owed. After a 10-minute conversation with Max about our business, it quickly became clear that there could be a claim. Better still it was a No win, no fee so we had nothing to lose. I was told that only around 2 hours of my time would be required throughout the whole process (it was less). After a few calls with Mike about the technical information and then a phone call with Clare with regards to accounts, our claim was submitted. 6 weeks down the line, just over £12k was transferred into our bank account. Better still, it came to light that we were owed more from HMRC because of the results of 2014 for our business. The customer service and professionalism throughout has been second to none with Max, Mike and Clare. The whole process was easy. I would and have recommended ShenCoh to some of our suppliers. The rebate means we can now breathe a little easier with regards to cash flow. A few bills have been paid off with little worry and all just in time for Christmas.

Ross Dawe



Education Quizzes Ltd

ShenCoh claimed R&D tax credits for us that we didn’t even know were owed to us. The entire claims process was handled efficiently and took much less time than expected – a profitable but painless experience!

Colin King



Handicap Masters Ltd

When we were contacted by ShenCoh we were doubtful that our company would be eligible for R&D tax relief. However, with ShenCoh's experience and knowledge, they were able to identify areas where our work was indeed eligible. They helped us through the process of documenting these areas and, following a small number of telephone 'interviews' (less than a handful!), they were able to make a successful and substantial claim for us. We were very pleased!

Nick Perkins



E-IT Solutions Ltd

I am delighted with the service ShenCoh provided. Their help and guidance on this matter were second to none. I had no idea my company qualified for such a grant but ShenCoh provided an excellent service from the very first call to the point our claim materialised. I highly recommend using them.

Tamer Kazim



GradeLine (UK) Ltd

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your diligent work to claim back R&D expenses. I recommend your service to anyone who has a potential R & D claim that has not been claimed for in the past because it is a complex procedure .The procedure was explained in simple terms once it was established that what we had done within our business and wider fashion industry to make us more efficient qualified as R&D. It takes a couple of hours to go through the type of work that would qualify for R&D and then fill in a form and send some accounts for the period to be claimed for. We were very happy with the amount claimed and paid back to us by HMRC

Jack Stavropoulos



Camtool Engineering Ltd

We were approached by ShenCoh just before Christmas 2016, offering their services in pursuing a claim for Research and Development Tax relief. For several years, we had contemplated pursuing this, but we never managed to find the time, however after discussing the possible outcome in the first instance with Sophia (Senior Consultant) and following this up with Clare (Senior Case Manager) we decided to make the time. Their approach right from the initial approach through to its conclusion was extremely professional and helpful, we were informed all the way through the process exactly what was required to maximize our claim and get the most from it. The process in our case took around 8 weeks but going forward, after being given the knowledge and guidance by ShenCoh of what is required, this will I’ve no doubt on our next claim be sooner. We are overwhelmed with the outcome from our claim, and can’t thank ShenCoh enough for their efforts. We would seriously encourage any businesses that undertakes any research and development to allow ShenCoh to work with them in pursuit of any claim. We look forward to working with them again shortly.

Andrew Lloyd



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