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About us

R&D Tax Credits Specialists

Our highly skilled team of R&D Tax Credits Specialists help create awareness of HMRC tax incentives and innovative businesses grow. We are a tax consultancy firm specialising in R&D Tax Relief, which usually comes in the form of R&D Tax Credits, paid right into your account.

Research and Development Tax Credits

We are a firm of passionate R&D Tax Credits Specialists. We help create awareness of HMRC tax incentives for companies nationwide with our highly skilled team of R&D Tax Specialist .

R&D Tax Relief are our sole focus. We specialise in this area of tax and our consultants have a thorough understanding of the intricacies of R&D tax legislation and how to effectively apply it to maximise businesses claims.

As we are one of the largest R&D Tax Credits Consultants in the UK, you can rest assured your claims are being handled by highly skilled and trained professionals. We have developed a unique and highly efficient method, which streamlines the process, ensuring that clients receive their maximised rebate, while taking as little valuable time away from their businesses.

Quality assurance and customer service is one of our key goals. We pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding service to our clients and partners. We receive referrals from clients and partners as we consistently deliver remarkable results, trusting us to deliver the same level of quality and service to companies within their network.


Research and Development Tax Credits Mike Shenton

Mike Shenton

Research and Development Tax Credits Max Cohen

Max Cohen

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Why clients choose us?

Research and Development Tax Credits Why Shencoh

What makes Shencoh special? It’s not just one thing, we have asked our clients what our key points that attracted them were:

  • - Skilled professionals that match client’s area of expertise
  • - Quality assurance
  • - Excellent customer service
  • - Less than 3 hours taken away from the client’s business
  • - 100% Success Rate


The Cake Store Ltd

When I was first contacted by Shencoh, I must admit I was very dismissive and disbelieving, and treated them as I would an unwanted PPI or Energy Savings call. Fortunately, I was persuaded to listen and give five minutes of my time. I began to realise, Michael my case manager, had far more knowledge and understanding of accounting and the R&D claim procedure that a regular cold caller. He went on to explain in simple terms that most companies un-be knowingly spend vast amounts of money on researching and developing their business ideas and products and the Government offer tax rebates on money spent. It’s in the best interests of our government to encourage businesses to develop a leading edge in the World.

Although we identified our businesses history of R&D projects, the process of presenting this information to HMRC is complex and skillful and was done so swiftly and efficiently by Shencoh. They offer a no claim no fee policy and you really get the feeling that they have worked hard for their final commission at completion. ShenCoh are a professional team of skilled accountants and gave us an all-round rewarding experience. I would highly recommend Shencoh to any business.

Tim Slatter


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Every month, a member of our team nominates a charity that we support through the month and make a donation to. The charity of the month is below.

Check out the previous charities we chose to donate to and get involved!

R&D Tax Consultants Dogs4Rescue


Dogs4Rescue is an independent dog rescue centre. The dogs spend their days getting all the exercise, socialisation, stimulation, love and care that they need whilst waiting for their forever homes.

Many prospective adopters worry that rescue dogs are feral, undisciplined and destructive. Dogs4Rrescue aim to change these common assumptions. Something that makes Dogs4Rescue extra special is their partnerships with worldwide dog rescue groups in areas such as Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria and many places across the globe that have trouble with stray dogs, even as far as Afganistan.

The evidence is growing to suggest that dogs become stressed by standard rescue kennel facilities. And this stress can lead to behavioural problems that weren’t present prior to their incarceration. It is not surprising that stressed dogs act out of character and do not give the best ‘first impression’ to visitors.

Unlike typical rescue kennels, which are loud, busy, stressful places that are not conducive to a happy re-homing experience, Dogs4Rescue lets the dogs shine. Dogs4Rescue are solely funded by profits from our Daycare 4 Dogs dog crèche together with a variety of fundraising efforts and the golden paw club. Our team of committed staff, customers and followers have all contributed towards this by organising car boots, sponsored sleepovers, marathons, fun days and cake stalls.

If you would like to help support this hard working charity you can check out dogs up for adoption or send donations.


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